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A range of expert legal costing services provided by qualified solicitors for law firms and individual clients, offering more than the standard costing service.

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For many lawyers and clients, the area of legal costs and costs disputes can seem complex or even incomprehensible – costs assessment and taxation processes have been likened to black magic.

At Blue Ribbon Legal, we de-mystify legal costs. With our focus on costs issues, we bring clarity and transparency to the processes involved, helping our clients gain a better understanding.

Blue Ribbon Legal was established in October 2013 by director and principal solicitor Sharon Drew, with over 30 years’ experience in practice and 20 years specialising in legal costing.

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To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity & integrity To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity & integrity


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Case Study – Australia’s treatment of the Chorley principle

Bell Lawyers Pty Ltd v Pentelow & Anor [2019] HCA 29 On 4 September 2019, the High Court of Australia delivered its decision in Bell Lawyers Pty Ltd v Pentelow & Anor [2019] HCA 29, considering the extent to which the ‘Chorley exception’ is part of Australian law. Generally speaking, self-represented litigants are not entitled to compensation for their time spent preparing and conducting their cases. The rationale for this is that party/party costs are a partial indemnity for legal costs incurred and does not extend to other loss or expenses incurred by a party. The ‘Chorley exception’ (named after…

Case Study – Gross Sum Costs

Edward Moses Obeid Snr v David Ipp (Costs) [2020] NSWSC 1329 Parties: Edward Moses Obeid Snr – First Plaintiff Moses Edward Obeid – Second Plaintiff Paul Edward Obeid – Third Plaintiff Edward Joseph Obeid Jnr – Fourth Plaintiff David Andrew Ipp – First Defendant Geoffrey Maurice Watson – Second Defendant Grant Lockley – Third Defendant Paul Anthony Grainger – Fourth Defendant The Independent Commission Against Corruption – Seventh Defendant Introduction to the case – Gross Sum Costs Order The case of Edward Moses Obeid Snr & Ors v David Andrew Ipp & Ors that was heard before NSW Supreme Court…

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Blue Ribbon Legal backing Tyler Everingham

2023 sees Tyler Everingham switch to the National Trans Am series as well as co-driving in the Supercars endurance races at Sandown and Bathurst. Blue Ribbon Legal will again proudly sponsor Tyler in his motor racing. We wish Tyler and his teams every success in 2023.

National Trans Am Series Schedule:

February 24-26 Symmons Plains, TAS
May 12-14 Phillip Island, VIC
June 9-11 Winton Raceway, VIC
Supercars Endurance Schedule:
September 15-17 Sandown Raceway, Melbourne, VIC
October 5-8 Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, Bathurst, NSW

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Celebrating 10 years!

This week marks 10 years in business for Blue Ribbon Legal. Thank you to all of our clients, colleagues, staff and supporters. We could not do what we do, without you.   Logo icons PNG Designed By DigitAm from here

What are legal costs?

Amounts paid to a law practice for the provision of legal services.  One of the overriding principles of the Legal Profession Uniform Law is to “promote the administration of justice and an efficient and effective Australian legal profession” by “empowering clients of law practices to make informed choices about the…

How Are Costs Disputed in Victoria?

The Costs Court is a division of the Supreme Court of Victoria that deals with legal costs disputes. Legal costs disputes can be either: Lawyer-Client Dispute: A dispute between a client and their lawyer over the amount charged to the client for providing legal services Party-Party Dispute: A dispute over…

Legal Costs Victoria – Melbourne Office Opening

New Office for Victoria We are excited to announce that from Monday 24 July 2023, Blue Ribbon Legal will provide our full range of high quality services in the area of legal costs in Victoria.  Our solicitors are available for all work in the Costs Court, as well as registries…

What is a costs agreement?

A costs agreement is a contract between a lawyer and another person (usually a client).  The lawyer agrees to provide legal services to the client, and the client agrees to pay for those services. A costs agreement must be written, or evidenced in writing (for example, an email setting out…

Disputing Costs

The Benefit of Well-Prepared Objections Blue Ribbon Legal recently acted for a defendant ordered to pay costs of District Court proceedings in NSW. The plaintiff served an application for assessment of costs claiming approximately $200,000 in legal costs plus interest, relying on tax invoices issued to the plaintiff by its…

Is it too late to recover costs?

The costs recovery process is influenced by a number of factors, including whether or not you have been through formal costs assessment. If you have unpaid invoices or other costs that you would like to recover, you might be unsure if it is too late to take action. Read on…

Resolving a costs dispute out of court – how to avoid further litigation

The vast majority of costs disputes involve parties who have already been through time-consuming and costly court proceedings. Few people want to embark on another round of combat to resolve a costs dispute. Blue Ribbon Legal’s out of court settlement services in Australia can help resolve your costs disputes. There…

What is a bill of costs?

A bill of costs sets out the details of professional fees and disbursements charged by lawyers. A bill of costs is a detailed itemisation of fees charged by lawyers for work performed and disbursements incurred associated with the work. When seeking legal advice, it is important that you are aware…

Tyler Everingham Bathurst 1000 debut

Congratulations to Tyler Everingham on his Bathurst 1000 debut Blue Ribbon Legal celebrates Tyler Everingham’s Bathurst 1000 debut drive. Starting from 24th on the grid, the Garry Rogers Motorsport wildcard entry climbed steadily through the field maintaining pace until lap 103 when co-driver Jayden Ojeda found the wall. The GRM…

How to calculate an accurate legal costs estimate

Under the Legal Profession Uniform Law, a lawyer must provide an estimate of total legal costs to a client when instructions are initially given, or when there is a significant change. It’s important to deliver an accurate estimate to a client that is transparent and predictable, as clients expect certainty….

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